Identity Politics & Ethnic Cleansing

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I am at pains to watch the media’s dehumanizing portrayal of muslim worldwide. Everywhere from the palsied intellectuals and social theorists to the lay men there is an unprecedented angst against muslim ethnicity. There has been, as Homi Bhabha suggests, a stereotypical representation of muslims as crude, illiterate, barbarian, terrorist, and the like. Muslim are threat to democracy, and civilisation. when a particular muslim does anything wrong, the whole muslim world is blamed. why?

who is civilised and who is not is always determined by the dominant culture. it is nothing but a game of power. muslim as “‘Oriental Other”‘ is openly and most blatantly presented by the Western media, politicians ans social and intellectual theorists.this is nothing new. Whether it is Danish cartoon of Prophet Muhammad, to the recent you tube video “‘Innocence of Muslim”‘,scandalous representation of muslim is everywhere. But Zionism, the worst racist ideology is eulogized, if not openly, but tacitly. the world is silent about Israeli occupation of Palestine.  
This particular incident points naked to the mockery of postmodern intelligentsia, accused by none by the celebrated Edward Said, the iconoclast, who has shown the ability to “‘speak truth to Power”‘. 

And Aung San Suu kyi is a Myanmar stooge who is nowhere to be seen and hides her  nobel laureate glossy face of peace  at  today’s 5 lakh Rohingya Muslims massacres by the votaries of lord Buddha , who one have shown the light to the world.  Such is the self-caricature of Suu Kyi that no words coming out from her seeing one of the 21st century’s  horrendous genocides in the name of ethnicity and race. Buddhists have hijacked the great Buddha.