today a wide circulated bengali daily has published the sorry state

the plight is nowhere

of bengal muslims in the area of govt. employment. it is said that the party in power is anxiety-stricken for it. they are weeping now for their muslim fellows. it is crocodiles’ tears

i think it is an eye wash. panchyat vote is coming, and the political parties are clamouring for the fair share of ignoble and ignorant minority vote banks. they have no earnest desire for the upliftment of minority agrarian populace. they treat them as triumph cards to hold their power.

but today past scenarios have changed. many muslims educated youths, i believe, will not accept the deluge of promises. they want see their actualisation in their day yo day lives. though some will be bullied, but not all.

now it is the time for bengal muslims to get united irrespective of status and class. they have to express their solidarity in democratic way. they will have to more conscious about the promises of leaders.

the need of the hour is the quality education. unless and until steps are taken to this direction, there will be nothing. vote will come and go. and ignorant resourceless muslims will be plunged into the mire of darkness.

thus i request my educated muslim brothers and sisters don’t be cheated by such leaders who are busy to amass their personal wealth. and don’t expect anything beneficial from muslim leaders particularly. they have no power to express their views. and if they do, they will be immediately either sided aside or sacked by the brahmanical party bosses.