“How are you?”

“Fine, but finer today!”

“How so, win lottery?”His friend looked animated.


“Then what?”

“ Uh…A helluva thing!” The man said and secretly laughed.

“I’m confused!”

“And so I! But don’t worry brother; life itself is so. Isn’t it?” He lit a cigarette fixing eyes to the splattering clouds.

His friend put a puckered face, and sat silent and sad.

“Brother,” he said after a while, “finally find a queen in the jungle. Ah! A helluva thing! She never hears books, schools…It’s a deal, brother, it’s a deal!”

“A duffer!” His friend spat and left.

@abusiddik, 27th sept, 2018


Author: abusiddik

"The woods are lovely dark, and deep... And miles to go before I sleep." An author, a votary of freedom and truth, and a hater of the hypocrites, and the self-serving intellectuals, the merchants of religions. And a country storyteller, 'a long distance runner', a farmer's son, a self-styled thinker.

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