Breast Giver

(Dedicated to Sunil Sharma)

Oh! My breast giver,
When men see me laughing,
You beam!
When they praise,
You glow!
When heaviness chokes me,
You make me light!
When all doors are closed,
Your embrace so warm!
I suck your blood!
I grow tall,
I forget you,
As I a name!
Before your eyes I play
Now and then!
And likewise you smile
And enjoy my play on Earth!
Nothing escapes you
Ills, woes, sins, joys, misdeeds,
Days of war and peace!
From womb to tomb
I play under your arch,
And at death bed
You find peace
Moving dry fingers
Over my scraggy face!
Nowhere are you,
But you are everywhere!

@abusiddik, 21 Oct’ 2018


Author: abusiddik

"The woods are lovely dark, and deep... And miles to go before I sleep." An author, a votary of freedom and truth, and a hater of the hypocrites, and the self-serving intellectuals, the merchants of religions. And a country storyteller, 'a long distance runner', a farmer's son, a self-styled thinker.

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