Let us light the lamp

Our dear brothers and sisters!
Let’s pledge
On Milad Un Nabi
No harms
Either in words or acts
Reach to our beloved neighbours.

Spread the message of love
And sacrifice,
Of harmony and peace,
And togetherness,
Cement the vulnerable points,
And make inroads to hearts
Unknown and strange.

Light the lamp of knowledge,
And wipe the mire of darkness
From the face
Of the anguished earth.

Let’s be patient,
And bear the pains,
Night may be long,
But dawn appears soon.

Let us not argue,
Or quarrel, or exchange
Bitter words with
Thy neighbours, and friends,
Let’s cleanse our hearts
And balm our mutual wounds.

Don’t lose hope,
Have faith in love,
And brotherhood,
Let’s us forgive
The wrong doers.
Have mercy on the weak,
And be valiant more.

Don’t pine for the
Hard days,
Don’t mourn for bitter nights,
Burn the inner coil,
and be rewarded soon.

@abu siddik, Milad Un Nabi, 2018